The Battle Cats Basic Chapters Guide


Chapter 1

When you first start Battle Cats, you will only be able to access chapter 1, and the “Battle” and “Upgrade” menus. Only after beating stage 1-7 (Japan) will you be able to access the rest of the menu options. The first six stages are simple and only have to spam all your cats before winning.


A few tips for beginners:

– DO NOT click on the black sun-like thing in the background. That is God Cat. (IF you have bought it) When you first click him, he gives you a free power-up, so save it when you need it (namely 3-48). If you have already clicked on him, I suggest you clear the app cache (for Android) or multi-task close the game(for iOS) if you haven’t gotten very far in the game.

– Do not unlock/upgrade all the cats you get in the beginning. You just need to upgrade Axe Cat as many times as you can before reaching stage 1-7 (Japan). If you need to, replay a few of the previous stages to farm some XP.

– The first 6 stages should be easy. Produce Cats, Wall Cats, and Axe Cats when you have the $ and upgrade worker cat (bottom left hand corner) when you’re waiting for the cooldowns.

– Once you beat stage 7, you will be able to now get daily rewards. Some events may be on, such as free cat food or rare cat ticket(s). You can redeem these tickets at the rare cat capsule or use cat food to spin the capsule for a cat. If you do spin and get a cat, do NOT upgrade it. These cats tend to waste lots of XP, only upgrade them if they can contribute to the battle (strong against reds, freezes floating, etc.)


Stage 1-7 (Japan) Strategy

Here is your first boss fight: Hippoe! He (she?) is tanky and does a ton of damage. To beat him (her?), try to do this:

– Stall the enemies. You want your Cat Jobs (bottom left corner) to be at level 8 so play defensively. Produce enough regular and tank cats to keep the enemy units from reaching your base, but not so many as to reach the enemy base. When your cat jobs is at level 8, start producing as many gross cats (as well as regular and tank). By the time you reach the enemy base, you should have a stack of gross cats and be able to defeat Hippoe with relative ease. If you lose, try farming some more XP from previous levels to upgrade Axe Cat.


Stage 1-48 (Moon) Strategy

Here is the first official boss: The Face! This time, he will appear at the start of the stage, but will move really slowly so don’t worry. In this stage (and almost all subsequent Battle Cat stages), Dragon Cat (if you haven’t evolved Lizard Cat already, do it!) will be your hero. His long range will damage and outrange the boss. Also, it is recommended that you get 100% treasures in the following: Energy Drink, Cat Production, Legendary Cat Shield, and Legendary Cat sword. How to beat this stage:

– Start by producing macho/wall cats to slow down the enemy units while leveling up Cat Jobs to a respectable level (doesn’t need to be lvl 8). Produce as many dragon cats and sexy legs cats (prioritize dragon) as you can, as well as brave/whale cats whenever there are red enemies. Keep up the stream of macho/wall cats to protect your long range cats. Eventually, your cats will reach The Face, but he should only be able to kill the macho/wall cats acting as a meatshield while the dragons/sexy leg cats safely bash away at his HP. Once you beat him, spam all your available cats to destroy the base and complete chapter 1! Now, the SoL chapters and chapter 2 should be available.


Chapter 2

Congrats! You beat Chapter 1 and now are on Chapter 2! On this chapter, it will cost more cat energy to play missions, enemies are stronger, and cats will cost more to produce! However, the gameplay is the same as the Chapter 1, so you will need to conquer the world again and find treasures. Any Buffs you unlock in this chapter will stack with the Buffs from Chapter 1, so you will still need to get as many treasures as possible. Grind your way through to the final stage- the moon. Make sure you have as many treasures as possible, as they will make your life easier. User Rank is also unlocked in this chapter.


Stage 2-48 (Moon) Strategy

Your second final boss is: Dark Emperor Nyandam! Like The Face, he will appear at the beginning of the stage and slowly make his way towards your base. Your strategy in this fight will be the same though: try to build up as many dragon cats to fight him while protecting them with macho/wall cats, but this time, don’t hesitate to send in your anti-red cats (brave and whale). This battle may take more time because Nyandam’s attacks will outrange all of your cats (and he has area attack), but his attacks have a long cooldown, allowing you to get in good damage between each of his attacks.


When you win, congratulations! You have raised the level cap to 20 AND you have gotten the awesome Valkyrie Cat! She’s a fast moving, high damage, quick attacking unit that will make your life much easier. Now head on to Chapter 3 and prepare for the final chapter!


Chapter 3

The final regular chapter! It’s the same deal as Chapter two: stronger enemies, higher cat costs, and higher cat energy costs. Just like before, get as many treasures as you can. However, for this boss stage, you will need ALL the treasures you can get.


Stage 3-48 (Moon) Strategy

The final boss of The Battle Cats story mode will be radically different from any other enemy you have faced before. He’s tanky (⅓ the health of the enemy base). He’s fast (he flies for crying out loud) and attacks swiftly. And his punches will send your cats to heaven in one hit (no joke!). He’s the one and only Bun Bun Teacher. You have not faced true terror in this game until you have faced him.


First off, a disclaimer: when I said that you need ALL the treasures, I wasn’t joking. You will need all the necessary treasures and 100% Buffs to fight this guy and live. And if you haven’t already, make sure all your Cats and Cat Base Skills are fully upgraded. You will need these 100% Buffs from ALL 3 CHAPTERS:

Energy Drink (Increase $ production)

Relativity Clock (Decrease Cat Production Cooldown)

Legendary Cat Shield (Increase Cat units’ HP)

Legendary Cat Sword (Increase Cat units’ Attack)

Technically you could win without having 100% in these, but it’s highly advised that you don’t. Against Bun Bun Teacher, you will want as much help as you can get.


Thankfully, unlike Chapters 1 and 2, the boss does not appear at the beginning of the stage, but when the enemy base’s HP reaches a certain number. Take advantage of this by building up as many strong cats as possible.


At the start of the stage, you will get rushed by a kangaroo. Stall it by sending out macho and wall cats alternatively. When you have enough $, produce a dragon cat to whittle away at its hp. Produce as many dragon cats as you can, while keeping up the meatshield spam to protect them, and upgrade worker cat as much as possible. You will need it at level 8 before you reach the base. Once you kill off the kangaroo, the rest of the enemies shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, try to build a horde of Dragon cats, only dragon cats – no Valkyrie yet, as well as macho/wall cats to protect them. Here, you don’t want too many of them lest you get the “Too many cats” message. You just need just enough (5 of each on the front line) to protect the dragons, sending in more only when the frontline ones start dying. Your goal here is to build as many dragon cats as possible while advancing as slowly as possible. When your horde reaches the base, continue using the current strategy. When the enemy base reaches 800k HP, start spamming as many macho/wall cats as you can, as well as any other strong cat (sexy legs, UFO, titan, valkyrie).

Time the macho/wall cat spam so that you produce one when the other’s cooldown is halfway done. By the time the base reaches the ~600k HP mark, your meatshield spam should have reached the base by now. Now is the hard part. Bun Bun Teacher will appear in a shockwave and start pummeling at your cats. Don’t pay attention to the battle, but to the cooldowns. Produce as many strong cats as you can (be careful you don’t run out of $ for the meatshield cats) and continue your macho/wall cat spam. The macho/wall cats should slow the boss from advancing too quickly and prevent him from killing your dragon cats too early. It’s normal if he eventually breaks through your front lines and kills off your dragon cats, but keep the same strategy as when he first appears. Your first wave of dragon cats should have dealt a large amount of damage to him and the next wave should finish him off. With luck and patience, he will finally die and you will win the battle!

Or you know, use some ubers…..


Congrats! You have finished Chapter 3, unlocked True Forms for your basic cats, and unlocked Bahamut Cat, the one of the strongest cats in the game (60,000 damage at level 20)! Now, you can head onto the more challenging SoL chapters. Don’t worry, cats will cost as much as they did in Chapter 2.

To be contd

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