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Web Gems offers classic, lightweight, and affordable jewelry made with personal attention to detail and using top quality cubic zirconia stones and 14k solid gold settings. We sell stud and hoop gold earrings fitted with dazzling cubic zirconia gemstones as well as pearl stud earrings. Along with being lightweight, the earrings have silicone rubber backings to prevent any discomfort in wearing them. Additionally, if you are prone to allergic reactions to metal, the solid gold setting will ensure you stay safe and healthy. These earrings will make excellent and beautiful accessories to wear on any occasion and especially when you are traveling and are wary about taking your diamonds along. As we cut them to show a diamond-like brilliance, you can achieve a classic, timeless look with the cubic zirconia earrings http://shoppingblogonline.com/cubic-zirconia-a-great-man-made-gem-stone-for-earrings/, and at an affordable cost. If you have been avoiding buying diamonds due to concerns over unethical mining practices, then our cubic zirconia earrings are for you as well. Since the lab-created cubic zirconia stones have the same chemical formula as real diamonds mined from the earth, only a professional gemologist might be able to tell the difference between them. Made from zirconium oxide, these gemstones have been around since their discovery in 1937. They only rose to fashionable prominence, however, after Swarovski began using them in their jewelry line in the 1980s. Cubic zirconia jewelry will last for years as long as you clean the metal setting routinely with a high-quality cleaner and tarnish remover, and store it in a scratch-free foam or soft cloth setting. To find out more about our cubic zirconia earrings, please visit https://mywebgems.com/about-us/ & https://mywebgems.com/blog/.


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September 8, 2022

Web Gems affords traditional, light-weight, and reasonably priced jewellery made with private consideration to element and utilizing high-quality cubic zirconia stones and 14okay stable gold settings.... more ››


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