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The battle cats game is awesome. Very addictive with the enemies units, your knowledge and winning streak in the Batle cats will never end. Check out the list below:


Description: The most basic enemy unit is the Doggy. He
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As the final entry to the normal cat category in The Battle Cats roster, Battle Cat Titan is a very much-welcomed character in your line-up of normal Battle Cats. Titan Cat, as the name suggests, is a statuesque character boasting … Read the rest

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Looking for the battle cats pop? You are in the right place for the battle cats pop information.

Thet tower-defense hit Battle Cats has achieved over 23,000,000 downloads worldwide for smartphones and tablets, and is now bursting onto a new … Read the rest


Batle Cats has become quite famous in a short span of time and millions of people are now playing this game. In this time, if you get stuck on some level, you need an extra push. We have made a … Read the rest

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Topleft cornerMenu – Lets you pause the game and access the pause menu

Topright corner$ – How much $ you have for cat production

Blue sun, midscreenGod Cat– Don’t tap on him!Read the rest


There is much more to just Cats in The Battle Cats! Read more for other game features of this adorable game. Note that the following are upgrades that you can perform in The Battle Cats.

Cat Research

This allows you … Read the rest

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Cats of the Cosmos (CotC) is the third saga in The Battle Cats. Chapter 1 was added in version 6.5 and can be unlocked by completing Into the Future Chapter 1. It features many of the enemies introduced in Into … Read the rest

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The Battle cats (Android / iOS) is not a simple game. It is fun. But it is not easy. The first 48 levels After completion, there is a new game and a new game + ++ after. Each set of … Read the rest


Event stages have been a staple add-on to a large margin of video game titles. The reason for this is that these missions provide an alternate narrative that is unique to the main plot. Aside from that, event stages are … Read the rest